10 Must-Have Features in Travel Management Software

Travel Management Systems and Software have come a long way since the early days of technological integration. Now we have dedicated software which can handle all kinds of travel agency related operations. There are plenty of software in the market which promise you strong value for money and feature diversity. The travel management software you choose is up to you. However, there are certain features that every reliable and profitable TMS needs to have. If you do not know what these are, then the following list will help you choose the right one:

10 Essential Features Found in the Travel Management Software

1. Account Management

The first and most important factor your travel management software must provide is the ability to handle individual contacts. With the right kind of account setup for your clients, you can handle all related operations such as tours, offers, queries, etc, easily. This also allows your account managers to work more efficiently and address client-related issues quicker. Naturally, this will increase your client satisfaction factor by a lot and give you the hands-on approach the market demands today.

The best travel management software out there also allow all kinds of account listing and segmentation. This is a very important and often overlooked factor but it is very important to consider. Having the ability to manage accounts separately allows companies to target specific market niches. This means that SMBs, as well as larger businesses, can expand without needing to invest in a broader software and spending money on it.

Another important benefit your business gets from quality account management features is lead segmentation. Within your travel agency operations, it is important to understand which accounts are bringing the most leads. Market analysis, which we will detail later, is done much more easily if you already have your performance data resource segmented. As a company, you want to perform all possible tasks in an efficient and timely manner. So, having this facility on your travel management software will greatly reduce your analytical processing time.

2. Lead Management and Segmentation

Generating leads is right at the center of any travel agency’s business operations. But turning leads into opportunities is often predicated on how the lead is generated. Consider it in the form of a selection process. If you have the right kind of business skill in mind, then you can draw the right potential candidates. This is where the most effective difference between quality travel management software and their lesser counterparts comes into play.

With the right kind of lead generation protocols on your software, you can focus on the specific group which gives you the most potential opportunities. This will naturally be tied into how well your business is able to operate in the market. Speed and efficiency in sorting out leads through systems like hot, neutral and cold and others will help in enhancing how the leads are processed. Once you have fed the data to the travel management software, your sales executives can sort out the leads based on their response. This, in turn, leads to better generation, processing and conversion times.

3. Opportunities Management

Leads, when processed well, turn into business opportunities. But opportunities are not business in themselves and must be handled correctly so that the business can get the most value from them. This is another critical aspect of travel management software. Using your business leads and opportunities in tandem may help you tap more into the market dynamics. A good example would be if a certain destination is leading the market in terms of draws. If you find the right opportunities from the leads, then you can sell more from that destination within your travel season. This will be predicated on how well your TMS opportunities feature works.

Another important aspect of opportunities management in TMS involves using additional features like bulk email, call recording, sales process monitoring, etc. These are the critical tools that can really optimize how your company does business and reaches out to its clients. For example, if you have bulk emailing options, then you can reach a far bigger market than you would through individual emailing. This is useful not just in drawing leads but also informing potential clients about the latest tour packages. The obvious outreach advantage that you can get will be a huge advantage and allow for better pitches across the market.

4. Client Contacts Handling

Handling client contacts in the right way can make or break your business. An account will have multiple contacts or a contact could tie in with multiple accounts. In both cases, your contacts management process must be crystal clear so that you can get the most from it. This is also important when you want to focus on specific clients whether they belong to the B2B and B2C market. Segmentation in contacts based on account or vice versa can be a huge plus since it can help you separate the right contact listing for smooth operation.

Another benefit you can get from client contacts handling through a quality TMS is database substantiation. As a business investing in the travel market, you need a strong client base which you can bank on season after season, This not only brings you a reliable capture but also enables you to expand further. Tying up client purchase info and profile details will help you make better pitches, enable fast upselling and cross-selling and can even help in salvaging cold leads. This is a great advantage and your travel management system can really help with this a lot.

5. Hierarchy Management

If you want your travel business to grow bigger, you need a software which offers multi-level functionality. So, you need administrative tiers, managerial segments, and sales executive accounts. All of these taken together will help your business work smarter, perform better and achieve its goals year after year. Multi-user protocols also allow companies to implement screening options. This means you can segment certain parts of the TMS such that only the admin has complete access. This is a critical part of maintaining data security and it also helps in segmenting processes such that they work smoothly.

Multi-user protocols are very useful when your business starts to expand. If you own a startup or SMB, then you can achieve an inclined growth rate. But you need to have a travel management system to really make it work well. For example, you can segment your sales process according to B2B and B2C channels. This can help your sales executives in specializing in specific markets so they can bring you more business. All of this can be achieved with the right multi-user protocol.

6. Destination Management

Destinations are what travel is all about. So, if you want to make the most of the countries or regions you target, then you need smart destination management services. As a company in the travel domain, you need a strong focus on specific destinations and this should be reflected in your business process as well. The best way to do this is to simply use the right kind of travel management software. If you have the right software at the centre of your business, then you can target your destinations in specific domains more easily.

Another great way to use destination-specific target pitchings through TMS is to make new sections with each new destination. This can also be done when you are on season and certain special occasions like public holidays. The destinations you pitch must be synced in with how your business makes its market activities work. Using the right travel management software can help you work them most out of all your travel verticals across all kinds of markets.

7. Administrative Oversight

The right admin panel and accessibility processes can ensure that your travel management software works as it should. Not just that, it will also enable you to make the most of your business processes and other technological integrations. Something as simple as segmentation as we have discussed above can greatly enhance your administrative and operational abilities. If you can divide your work up efficiently and ensure there is oversight, then this will give you the chance to optimize every aspect of your business.

As a travel agency owner and operator, you can achieve the business growth you need if you have the right travel management software. The best admin panels will give you the ability to customize every aspect of your TMS account. This includes important things like lead management processes, sales generation processes, and contact to account linking criteria. Ensuring that your sales teams can work with the right qualification criteria will enable them to achieve higher sales goals. They will also adapt to it much more effectively and deliver a higher performance quicker. This translates to your business growing quicker and you developing a competitive incentivization approach for your sales executives.

8. Data Encryption

Encryption has become a major factor for businesses all across the technological spectrum. For travel, it is no less important than it is for banking. Keeping your company data secured is a sign that your company which is reliable. This is one of those standard gain and huge loss factors. If your client data is leaked or hacked into then it is very damaging for your business. You want to give your clients the personalization factor which will help you get repeat business. So, if their essential info likely banking details, address, etc. is leaked, then they are not likely to return to your business.

That is why you need a travel management software that has encryption right at the core. Having this option will help you with all kinds of external and internal threats. This is essential not just for smaller companies but also for larger businesses that are at a bigger risk of IT breach. Also, when your business grows, you need to get encryption anyway. So, it makes a lot of sense to have that with you as your scale upwards in terms of service regions and overall revenue.

9. Unified Software

A clear advantage that is often overlooked is to have a unified software at the centre of their travel agency. As a company grows, it needs more and more software to handle all its business operations. If you are a smart entrepreneur, then you can simply invest in the right software from the start. Your software can not only provide for your short term goals but also have ample space and features to go for the long-haul. Since you have a single software, you can also make minor changes and enhancements to it as you grow. These will simply integrate into your software this will reduce the amount of time your workers need to adapt it into their regular process.

10. Market Analytics

With market analytics at your side, you can basically take on the market in any way you want. Of course, how you use the information to make tactical decisions means a lot. But all of this comes only when you have the right travel agency management software and integral market analytics. So, you need the right software backing your company operations and this will help you stream from analytics to actually using the information in live processes.

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