7 Things Which Make SaaS-based CRMs Essential for Small Businesses


SaaS-based software have become increasingly popular on account of their easy pricing model. As a startup business, you want to keep expenses under check and paying monthly for a business software is better for that. All you need to do is pay to subscribe and use the CRM in the best way. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many other key benefits you can get from SaaS CRMs. Here’s a short list:

7 Major Benefits Small Businesses Get from SaaS CRMs

1. Regular Updates

SaaS CRMs are updated regularly. Since they are live on-cloud systems and constantly developed, subscribers get new updates which enhance functionality and make the overall experience better. Naturally, your business can benefit greatly from this. As the company behind the CRM develops it, you will also get the benefit. This is much better than CRM with perpetual licensing since the regular updates keep you at the cutting-edge of technology. With SaaS CRMs, this is a particular benefit since you don’t pay for general updates other than upgrades.

Businesses want to grow bigger and this is predicated a lot on the technology they use. If you have the right tech at your side, you can make a lot more of each work day. This also impacts the overall customer experience. For example, a CRM which crashes and affects your client database will be a bad investment. However, if it is improved with a bug fix, then you can count on it to work consistently. So, SaaS CRM can offer considerable benefits to businesses through regular updates and this can help drive business forward.

2. Quick Troubleshoot

Software performance and function troubleshooting is an important part of using any digital business tool. With CRMs, it becomes even more important since it does impact how well you are going to be able to use it. Now, when you get a SaaS-based CRM, you will probably have no issues. Such software are usually well-developed and they do offer great functioning. However, it is always possible that you get stuck with something on the CRM. Or the CRM itself would malfunction and in such situations, you will need to troubleshoot it.

The best SaaS CRM companies offer rapid troubleshooting options. They have developers on hand who usually resolve queries in quick time. Since SaaS-based developers are constantly developing their software, they are aware of the problems their CRM can face. This is unlike perpetual license CRM developers who are slow to address for functional issues or user queries. So, you are very likely to find your problem resolved quickly. Also, in case one or more of your employees are having trouble with some aspect of the CRM, the issue can be resolved fast by getting a quick walkthrough. All of this translates to you getting better value from your CRM.

3. Smart Functioning

Business owners need strong business software to run their operations. This can only happen if you have a CRM which has a smart and intuitive design. If you have a well-developed and feature-rich CRM then you are going to get much more work done. Naturally, SaaS CRM solutions are at the top of the highest performing CRMs list. This is because they are given regular bug fixes and updates. As your CRM is developed more often, you are able to match your business’ growing needs and perform better. This gives small businesses the ability to expand their operations quickly and establish themselves in the market.

SaaS-based CRMs offer innovative yet effective designs. They allow some degree of customization as well which means you can run important software features as you like. This is done so that you can output your best work and get all the business tasks done right. They are useful for startups in particular because these businesses need high-performing software they can work with. Using SaaS CRMs allows these businesses to get maximum value for money while also minimally investing in technology and infrastructure.

4. Pricing Preference

A startup or SMB cannot invest in expensive business software. It can only look into cost-efficient business technology solutions like CRMs which offer multidimensional use. This, of course, depends on the way in which you will use your CRM. However, the pricing will be a major consideration which will impact how well you can work the rest of your business process.

With CRMs, you can be sure you are going to get all the essential tools you need. The primary sales feature will always be your main processing hub. The customer accounts and contacts will be secondary but they will serve as a background for all your sales operations. Further, reporting and day-to-day task management will feature heavily on your overall operational efficiency. All of these features make your CRM investment give out a better RoI. This also gives your business more liquid capital to invest in other areas.

5. Dedicated Developers

For most business software, upgrades are infrequent. Developers usually work on the core software and hand over the minor fixes and performance enhancements to junior developers. This means that as your business goes along, any problems you might have will be handled by them. Naturally, they are not as good as the senior developers. This translates into you losing business from getting less than the best. This is obviously not the best investment for your business and it leaves gaps in your performance which otherwise would not exist.

With SaaS CRM, you will have developers who are the only ones who handle the CRM. Since they are working constantly on their software, they have better insights. They are also the ones handling all the technical aspects of customer feedback and functional issues which means you get the best to resolve your queries. Naturally, this is a good benefit especially when you are a startup and you may not have prior CRM experience. Dedicated developers will help you understand your CRM better and resolve any related problems easily as well.

6. Wide System Applicability

SaaS CRMs for travel industries, and most other industries, are made for performing adequately on all types of operating systems. So, for the most part, it doesn’t matter how old your office workstation is, the software will work as advertised and will not have any compatibility issues. This is far better than other business sales software which may require specific system and hardware requirements.

SaaS CRM software can work with virtually all kinds of operating systems and hardware. This means you can work them on much older OS than other software. Obviously, for a startup, acquiring hardware might be an expensive task. This is particularly beneficial for travel agency startups and it allows them to develop their business with minimal investment.

7. Enhanced Competitiveness

SaaS CRM solutions are a very competitive market. This is good for anyone who wants to buy a cost-efficient customer management tool. The market competition ensures that any leading service provider you choose will give you top-quality CRM solutions. So, this essentially makes this a buyer’s market and with many options to choose from, you can pick the right one for yourself.

Since the market is so competitive, if you choose the right company, you can get them to deliver long-term business solutions in one go. If you’ve chosen the right SaaS CRM company, then they will probably have comprehensive CRM-based features. This can help you reduce your total work time and increase your overall performance by a lot.

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