A Free Travel CRM for Travel Startups to Recover From Coronavirus Losses and Grow

FREE Travel CRM For Startups

About TutterflyCRM?

TutterflyCRM is one of the best travel CRMs in the industry. It offers a very well-designed interface which includes all aspects of sales management and client relationship development. This makes things a lot easier for businesses, especially startups since they need to achieve sales growth quickly. The business software has been developed after an intensive study of the market so that it can best address its immediate as well as long-term needs. The software is meant for startups, SMEs and even larger enterprises. So, it can address for all your business and client needs with ease.

About the TutterflyCRM Startup Program?

TutterflyCRM and the developers behind it have been closely looking into the Coronavirus outbreak across the world. We know that many businesses have been affected by this pandemic and the travel domain will take some time to recover. Startups will be most heavily hit since they are just beginning their business. But we believe that technology can show the way and that is why, we are launching the TutterflyCRM Startup Program. Under this program, we will offer TutterflyCRM completely FREE of cost for 1 year to startups in the travel domain. We are confident that our technological support will help many startups recover their pre-Coronavirus business volume and grow faster than ever.

Why Are We Offering TutterflyCRM FREE to Travel Startups?

The developers of TutterflyCRM are looking to pitch towards bringing the tourism industry back from the Coronavirus slowdown. We believe that it is important that we focus on startups because it will help spur the industry’s recovery. We are sure our contribution will help startup companies get back faster on their feet and add to the momentum of tourism in the world after Coronavirus. We are following certain criteria for giving the 1 free year of TutterflyCRM. We want to give grassroots-level operators the biggest benefit so that we can help in the rebuilding of the tourism industry.

Eligibility Criteria

The TutterflyCRM Startup Program is only available to those who qualify the following:

Your business must be officially registered for no longer than two years.
Your business must have an active and working website, postal address for business purposes, business email address and a business contact number.

Verification Process

In order to qualify for the TutterflyCRM Startup Program, you will need to submit any document that can prove your company is not more than 2 years old and a legitimate entity.

What Are the Features You Will Get with the TutterflyCRM Startup Program?

TutterflyCRM is among the most sophisticated, versatile and easy-to-use customer relationship management systems. It offers the following features:

Free of Cost for 12 Months
No Service Costs or Any Subscription Fee
Complete TutterflyCRM Features
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Cloud Storage
Free Training and Client Support
Simplified Dashboard
Account Management (B2B & B2C)
Lead Management
Opportunity Management
Call Logging
Task Management
Versatile Report Builder
Email Integration with Your Existing Email
Free Bulk Emails
Collaborative File Management

How Can You Grow Your Travel Business Defeating The Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus is now one of the biggest medical emergencies in the world’s history in recent years. The pandemic is raging strong right now and flights all over the world have been grounded to prevent the disease from spreading. It goes without saying that this is a difficult time for the global tourism industry and no nation is exempt from this commercial consequences of this outbreak.

With all that said, there are many signs of the global medical industry lobbying to contain and cure the Coronavirus. It is expected that the outbreak will be successfully contained within a few months. Some medicines and potentially successful vaccines are already at their third clinical trial phase.

There will be some loss in the overall growth momentum for the tourism industry. However, this can be overcome by the collective effort of the travel industry. TutterflyCRM Startup Program gives companies the technological edge to cover up their losses quickly.

Further, startups can cover up the distance between the operational efficiency of bigger businesses and their own. This will help them compete more effectively when the tourism market gets back into its regular pace a few months down the road. Using this time period, even the most recently established travel agencies and agents can start using TutterflyCRM. This will give them a technological leg up they need.

Using the TutterflyCRM Startup Program can be a real help to companies worldwide. We want to focus on the startup segment of the travel agency industry. We expect our contribution to help businesses and achieve their goal of recovery faster than they would without using the latest travel technology.

Coronavirus is a major problem in the world right now and it will take all the industry to overcome its detrimental economic effect. As TutterflyCRM’s developers, we want to take the initiative and give companies the tools they need. If you fulfill the criteria, then register with us now and get TutterflyCRM FREE for 12 months right away!