The Leads feature on TutterflyCRM has all that you need to get your Leads generation going full swing. It is equipped with all the key things you need to measure your leads and see how they will turn out. You can also sequence your leads generation and conversion according to your needs. Control access, stream work and get yourself big business!

How to Create a New Lead?

Find out how to make new Leads on TutterflyCRM here! Create Leads, detail information achieve success the smart way!

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What is the Process to Convert a Lead?

Want to convert and process a Lead? Here are some simple steps to do that!

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How to Edit a Lead?

Want to make a potential Lead more accurate? Find out how to edit a Lead and its details right here!

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How to Manage Views in TutterflyCRM?

Lead Views can make your life easier whether you’re in peak season or off season! Here’s how you can make custom Views.

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How to Use the Activity Section?

TutterflyCRM provides different ways to communicate and stay all activities. Find out how your Leads ‘Activity’ tab can help you work faster and smarter!

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How to Send Bulk Emails to all Leads?

Send bulk emails to Leads and stay connected to all. Find out how here.

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