Our Opportunities tab is where you will make the future of your business. You will achieve your business success but accessing, developing and capitalizing on emergent options. Get your ambitions perfectly supported by our dedicated module. With a customizable interface and notifications function, you can now work better, faster, smarter!

How to Create a New Opportunity?

Got a new Opportunity? Great! Continue reading to find out how to log it into TutterflyCRM.

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How to Edit an Existing Opportunity?

Make quick changes to an existing Opportunity on TutterflyCRM! Here are all the how-to’s.

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How to Create a New View in Opportunity?

Find a better way to manage your Opportunities tab. Create segmented Views, divide up the Opportunities and make work look easy!

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How to Switch to a Kanban View?

Do you favor grid forms over list forms? Here’s how you can switch to Kanban view in Opportunity tabs on TutterflyCRM.

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How to Use the ‘Activity’ Section?

‘Activity’ makes you look good and work better! Here’s how you can use this segment on TutterflyCRM!

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