What is B2B?

B2B or Business-to-Business is an exchange of services and deals from one business to another. A company is more likely to develop and nurture personal relationships and hope to secure a long-term partnership in a B2B setting.

Why B2B Companies Require a CRM System

The initial stages of the sales cycle are the deciding factor of successful customer service. A B2B CRM refers to the technology, system, strategy, and process that help B2B companies in managing their existing and potential customer relationships. Since B2B transactions hold a higher value than B2C, more and more organizations are looking for ways to improve their B2B customer experience. From lead generation to understanding the buyer journey, a B2B sales CRM software helps organizations streamline activities, maintain a reliable business database, and focus on customer relationships.

Features of a Powerful B2B CRM



Automation helps the sales reps in managing their workloads, keeping a better track of contact information, and preventing the slipping of valuable leads.


Sales Forecasting:

In a B2B company, sales cycles are much more predictable. A CRM system makes it easier to forecast growth on the basis of historical performance.


Enhanced Tracking:

There are more stages in B2B sales processes than B2C. Therefore, a B2B CRM solution provides better visibility into the stage a prospect or lead is at.


Contact Management:

Creating contacts and storing crucial customer information is an integral part of working in B2B organizations. A CRM system works as a centralized database and provides a 360-degree view of all customer activities.


Lead & Opportunity Scoring:

Based on your sales data, CRM gives you advanced analytics and predictions of your chances of scoring a deal.


Follow-ups & Task Management:

A CRM’s purpose is to be able to reach its clients at the right time. This helps the sales reps in managing their activities and reminds them of follow-ups.

Introducing Tutterfly - Best B2B CRM Software

Tutterfly CRM is robust travel management software that automates the sales process, enhance response time, increase sales efficiency, and contribute to inclining growth. Tutterfly CRM supports collaboration between customers and team members in order to improve the customer experience. It also streamlines your processes to reduce manual data entry, speed up your sales process, and eliminate redundancies. Tutterfly is equipped with various features offering automation of sales, lead & opportunity management, task management, itinerary and report creation, customer relationship management, and mass mailing. It is among the top CRM software in the travel domain created solely for professionals like travel agents, tour operators, DMCs, OTAs, etc.

Take Your Business to Next Level with Tutterfly B2B CRM

The sales team can undeniably make the most of CRM software. But Tutterfly CRM can benefit other departments as well and help bring an organization together. There are plenty of reasons to consider Tutterfly B2B CRM. Some of them are:


Automate Lead Capturing

A B2B CRM helps businesses in capturing business leads through various integration processes, including Facebook integration, email integration, web-form integration, and so on. For example, a web form is a set of data fields where visitors can fill in their information, and that information gets captured in your database. Web forms can serve multiple purposes in order to persuade visitors into giving their personal information.


Efficient Account Management

B2B allows you to grow your revenue through cross-selling and upselling. A B2B CRM presents you with plenty of possibilities to build your business on existing account relationships. The account management module lets you manage customer accounts and hierarchy and give you a complete view of account from ongoing deals to related contacts. The system also works as a centralized database for communications.


Improved Contact Management

During the initial stages of your business, Excel and Google spreadsheets can do just fine. But with its growth, the requirements of your business grow too. With the help of a B2B CRM software, it gets easy to upload and manage customers’ information to the database, set priorities, and even set reminders about meetings or calls with the clients.


Better Customer Experience

No matter how great of a product or service you are selling, customer relationships will always play a bigger role in helping you make sales. Since the CRM system gives the teams anytime access to the client details, they can use that information to come up with a personalized approach to improve customer relationships. The sales reps can save their interactions or follow-ups with the company in the CRM software. By keeping all information in one place, it gets easy to figure out the needs of customers.


Customized Email Campaigns

It is not easy to launch, manage, and track an email campaign when dealing with bulk clients. Using the B2B CRM system, companies can create highly personalised as well as automated email campaigns. This helps the staff in quickly identifying potential clients and focusing on communicating with them.


Enhanced Team Collaborations

One of the major roles of Tutterfly CRM is to simplify & automate workflow processes and establish communication between various departments such as sales, marketing, operations, and accounting. The software offers complete transparency and works as a centralized base to store customer service related information. The sales team can log in client interactions, their preferences, any follow-up tasks, and more. This can further help the marketing and operation teams in strategizing their roles and activities.


Higher Conversion Rates

Tutterfly CRM gives you access to all your business information through a single dashboard. So you can easily access leads, opportunities, contacts, sales targets, bookings history, achievements, and other customer information. This drives your business in the right direction and boosts conversion rates and revenue.

Some Advantages of Tutterfly B2B CRM Software


  • Enhanced opportunity management
  • Integrated assistance across social channels
  • Better customer services efficiency
  • Automated and improved lead nurturing
  • Superior cost optimization
  • Automated report scheduling
  • Fast feedback management process
  • Improved data insight and analytics


  • Enhanced marketing strategies
  • Better product customization
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Administration of follow-up drip emails & reminders
  • Better customer segmentation
  • Streamlined internal communications
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Build beautiful itineraries

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B companies sell their services and products to other businesses instead of an individual. Whereas, B2C businesses sell directly to the end-user of their products. So, a B2C CRM is built exclusively to manage and fulfill the requirements of customer-facing businesses. The key objective of a B2B CRM is to improve business relationships. It enables the businesses to track potential clients within the sales funnel, enhance lead visibility, increase sales team efficiency, and more.
B2B CRM software is specially designed to help the sales reps in handling the sales process efficiently while keeping a track of large numbers of lead-specific data. This data can include sales history, target achievements, invoices, etc. and can be used to monitor and predict the financial readiness and behavior of individual leads.
A CRM solution helps by prioritizing marketing and sales efforts while dealing with a vast set of customers. The software allows the teams to collaborate, keep a track of leads, monitor & automate sales cycle, and store details of potential and existing customers. B2B CRM offers a better understanding of the customers’ needs, and helps you improve customer relationships.
Tutterfly CRM is the best B2B CRM system for B2B travel companies as it offers loads of benefits and features that can help you grow your brand exponentially and leverage automation to increase the overall productivity of your business.
While choosing the best CRM for your B2B business, here are a few things that you can take into consideration: Customizability, Automation, Integration, Price Module, etc.