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What shall be my follow-up process

There are great benefits to keeping in touch with old customers. They can help us grow the business significantly by giving references. Entrepreneurs need to realise revenue boosts in selling to existing customers. This can be done by following-up with existing clients and customers. Listed below are some of the best-practices that can be followed after a sale.

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Send a Thank you Note

An appreciation email is great after a sale. It is a simple method to show gratitude towards any purchase made by the customer. Send an email with the subject as “Thank you”. Messages can be added such as “We have something to say”, “We are here for you”, or “Don’t go yet I have to…”. Also, enter the name and the number of the person that can be contacted in case the customer has some query.


It is considered a good practise to call clients one or two weeks after a sale. This is a crucial time and precautions must be taken. Only ask questions that are important, such as ‘Are you happy with the product’ or ‘Do you have any queries related to the purchase’. Don’t overdo and try to sell another product this time. Keep it simple and precise.

Keep Communicating

It is important to keep the communication lines open with the customer. Contact them with details based on their needs and interested. Send them how-to guides, educational webinars, and articles accordingly. This will build trust between the customer and the company.

Think about Selling

Regular contact can help in understanding the needs of the customer, ideas to improve the existing product, and pave way to sell a complimentary product. After a relationship has been developed between customer and client, it is important to start thinking about selling a new product.

Ask for References

Delighted customers may promote your product by the word of mouth. They can even provide referrals that are genuine and bring in more business.


There are many benefits of following up with a customer. This includes increased customer retention, improved performance of the company and a huge boost in sales. Any business can benefit easily by just following up with an old customer.