Rising Need of Client Relationship Management Software for Travel Business An Incredible Tool to Manage Customers in One Place

A Client Relationship Management System allows you to store, and manage your contacts, leads, and clients in one place. This centralized hub also gives you a detailed view of your customers’ past activities with your business, invoices, documents, payments, and communications. Also, with a CRM solution, the information becomes easily accessible no matter where you are. It also allows for smooth team collaboration and communication within the company.

Sales Management

Lead Management

Email Tracking

Contact Management

Tasks Update

Reports and Analytics

Chat Integration

Benefits of Using Client Relationship Management Software

Client relationship management software can provide tremendous value and benefits to a business. Mentioned below are key benefits you should know of-


Exceptional Customer Service:

For starters, a CRM manages all contacts and gather crucial information like demographics, booking history, and conversations. It also makes it easy for anyone in the company to access that information with ease. This ensures that the employees have all the info needed to provide a superior experience to the customers.


Increased Sales:

With the help of a CRM tool, it gets easy to streamline the entire sales process. You can build a sales pipeline and automate the sales cycle. The CRM lets you analyze the sales data and improve overall sales and productivity.


Centralized Database:

The information of all the processes done by CRM software is available in a centralized database. That makes it easy for everyone in the company to access that information based on given roles, whenever needed. This is especially true in cases where a sales representative wants to see the requirements of a specific customer. The CRM provides all the data faster and makes for a more productive experience for all the customers.


Streamlined Internal Communication:

Apart from helping with communication between your customers and your business, the CRM tool can also improve internal communication. From assigning roles and hierarchy, sending messages/emails to maintaining a unified brand voice, CRM acts as a single system for all communications.


Automated Sales Reports:

A Client Relationship Management Software reporting features that allow the users to customize and manage their sales processes. The team members can easily evaluate their performance, track goals, and analyse their progress at a glance. Using the customized sales report, one can identify the trends and assess what to expect from the future in terms of sales performance. That way, you can adjust your metrics and goals to better suit the forecasting.


Improved Customer Retention:

Customer retention is all about engaging the customers and maintaining their loyalty to your business. A CRM can work as a significant tool to drive revenue in the long run by helping you in retaining your existing customers. The correct implementation of a CRM can boost customer satisfaction significantly. It strengthens customer relationships and provides your business with the opportunity to increase customer retention.

Why Travel Businesses Need A Client Management Software

A well-established sales pipeline can be the biggest deciding factor for the success of any travel agency. It can ensure a steady and recurring business. By leveraging the technology, one can easily optimize the efficiency of the sales cycle. When a travel agency, tour operator, or other travel business decides to combine a good marketing & sales strategy with a powerful customer relationship management software for the travel industry, it becomes easy to attract more leads and opportunities, provide a better customer experience, improve sales, and accelerate revenue growth.


High Sales & Happy Clients with Tutterfly The Best Client Relationship Management Software for Travel Industry

Tutterfly is a Saas-based travel CRM built to fulfil the needs of the travel businesses. It enables you to automate the sales cycle, manage customers, create itineraries, manage group tours, improve customer services, manage leads, and gain insights using customized reports using a single dashboard. The software helps you deliver an outstanding experience to your clients and improve relationships by reducing the lead response time, and high conversion sales.

Features of Tutterfly CRM


  • Sales Management
  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • View & Task Management
  • Roles & Hierarchy Management
  • Sales Objection Management


  • Departure and Supplier Management
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Mass Mailing
  • Web, Whatsapp, & Facebook Integration
  • Customized Report Creation
  • Content Management
  • Multi-Device Compatibility

What You Can Achieve With Tutterfly…

Sales Automation:

Tutterfly CRM offers sales automation that allows for a free flow of information across the organization. This, in turn, improves overall productivity and leads to higher conversions.

Improved Team Collaborations:

It's an incredible customer management software for the travel industry that helps in improving the communication between the internal teams. It helps in smoother collaboration and a boost in the sales cycle.

Effective Customer Interactions:

The software helps in improving the interactions with the customers and fast tracks the feedback response rate. This enables you to offer faster and higher quality services to the customers, leading to maximum retention.

Better Business Insights:

It offers insightful reports and makes it easy to track your business. Those customized reports and analytics can be used to improve your business strategy and bring you closer to your sales goals.

Higher Conversion Rates:

The CRM lets you access all the information through a single dashboard. You can access leads and opportunities, contacts, bookings history, sales targets and achievements, and other customer information, and drive your business in the right direction to boost your overall conversion rates and increase revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms, client management software allows for seamless management of relationships with existing and potential customers. Some of the common functioning found in such software are sales automation, streamlined processes, lead management, quick customer feedback response, improved customer relationships and an increase in revenue.
Mentioned below are some of the benefits of a client management software:
  • Better Customer Service
  • Improved Customer Retention
  • Increased Sales
  • Higher Productivity and Efficiency
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Centralized Information Database
  • Improved Lead Management
  • Better Customer Segmentation
  • Accurate Sales Reports & Forecasting
  • Streamlined Team Communications
CRM can benefit small to big businesses and individuals with a team for sales, marketing, and billing. It can be used by any business that looks forward to increasing its efficiency and relationships with the customers.
CRM software works by using an integrated approach in order to store the information of the customers. A CRM comes with sales and leads automation modules to Fastrack the conversion process. The software also analyzes the collected data from your sales and uses it to help you deliver a better customer experience.
There are four different types of CRMs:
  • Strategic CRM
  • Operational CRM
  • CRM
  • Collaborative CRM
Businesses use customer relationship management systems to manage their interactions with a pool of customers, both existing and potential. These systems help in analyzing a customer’s history and help businesses improve customer relationships.
A good customer relationship management system helps you in recognizing existing and potential customers. Along with that, you can also understand their preferences, respond quickly to their requests, and fulfil their needs. The CRM also helps you track, organize, and analyse the communication with the customers to better business understanding.