Access Crucial Data Insights with Elaborate Sales Reports

Tutterfly provides an easy to use CRM report module that supports effortless data-driven decisions and improve the success rate of the sales team. Tutterfly CRM's reports let you analyze, monitor, and track your business performance and help you to make important decisions. Track sales metrics with pre-built standard reports or customize reports with data from multiple modules.

Build Full-Fledged Sales Reports from Scratch in Minutes

Identify Key Revenue Sources

Easily access revenue metrics with Tutterfly CRM from different sources including destinations, territory, company name, sales reps, duration, and more. The software allows you to analyze the campaigns and sources of leads & opportunities. With Tutterfly CRM, you can even identify high performing sales team, representative as well as popular destinations.

Centralized Place for All-Reports

The CRM Reporting module provides a centralized platform for you to generate/view precise reports with ease. From monitoring leads and opportunities to deal insights, sales activities and tracking the success of marketing campaigns, you can achieve a lot with CRM reports. The module allows you to save and export the reports or watch their preview in real-time.

Keep Reports Organized

With advanced search filter options, you can quickly find reports and add them to a folder for easy access. Tutterfly automatically organizes your reports so that you can get access to them any time anywhere from the report module.

Analyze Sales Cycle

Use sales reports to understand how much time your team takes to convert qualified leads into customers. It also assists the sales team by helping them identify the shortcomings in their strategy so they can improve it to increase conversions.

Track & Predict Sales Performance

Compare your monthly efforts using reports and use the numbers to forecast your future sales and predict deal closures. Tutterfly provides great insights to help you analyze your sales activities over the chosen period of time.

Customize Dashboards and Reports

Keep track of the reports you often use through a customizable dashboard. You can customize the dashboard and share it with the sales reps and team. Along with that, you can also build your custom reports on accounts, contacts, person accounts, leads, opportunities, and suppliers.

Analyze Your Sales Performance with Tutterfly CRM Sales Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales analytics is an essential part of running a business. It helps companies in making better, more informed decisions to achieve various targets. With sales analytics, businesses can understand consumer behavior, unlock relevant insights, improve brand perception, and stay ahead of the competition.
Sales analytics is the process of gathering sales data and gauging the performance of sales team. The metrics offered by analytics are used by sales leaders to set targets, enhance internal processes, and predict future sales more accurately.
There are a few common types of reporting that can be found in CRM - Sales Cycle Reports, Profitability Reports, Goal progress reports, Sale forecast, Sales conversion reports, and CRM pipeline reports.
Yes, you can. Tutterfly offers you standard as well as custom report options for different modules, including Accounts, Contacts, Person Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, and Suppliers in its Report module. Once generated, you can either save or export the reports as needed.
With Tutterfly CRM report module, you can organize various reports by creating folders for better navigation. You can create folders by name of sales reps or destinations and put all the reports in that folder for easy access. This segmentation allows you to keep your reports in an organized manner.