Access Documents Easily with Travel Document Management System

CRM with Document Management helps the companies in storing and managing important files or documents like sales proposals, company profile, destinations presentation, templates, clients’ info, and so on. In CRM with a file management module, one can upload, edit and share the files via a public link within the team or outside the organization that contribute to a faster and more efficient workflow.

Save Time & Boost Productivity with Tutterfly CRM Document Management


Upload Documents on Drive

Easily upload any documents in drive module for your reference. The documents can be uploaded in different file formats including – JPEG, CSV, PPT, PDF, XLS, and more.


Easily Share Documents to Anyone

Tutterfly offers easy sharing of uploaded documents where you can share files among team members or share a public link of documents outside the organization via email.


View & Edit Documents

You can easily view the details of any document from the drive module. You can also make necessary changes to the details like file renaming through the ‘Edit’ feature of drive module.


Update Documents on Same URL

Easily update or upload a new version of document on the same URL so that the team members can access the updated details through the same link.


Save Time with Folder Segmentation

Segment and organize your documents with the folder management feature of the drive module. This allows you to easily access important files and documents without wasting any time.


Attach Documents with All Modules

The document management system of Tutterfly allows you to attach the uploaded files to all major modules like accounts, contacts, leads, suppliers, and opportunities. This helps a sales rep in improving client handling and upload important files wherever required.


Centralized Documents Library

Tutterfly document management software works as a central library for your sales team and organization by offering unlimited drive storage. You can upload all required documents here that can be accessed by any team members whenever required.


Access Documents from Anywhere

Get 360-degree data management on drive to manage and access data from anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to dig deep into your system to find crucial documents when needed; you can just simply keep data on your fingertips with drive module.


Secure Your Data on Cloud

Keep your important documents such as client details, payment history, and other business information secured with cloud-based data management software. Easily share important files within your team or outside organization over encrypted cloud connections without any fear.

Upload, Collaborate & Share Documents with Tutterfly File Management Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

Document Management Software is used in uploading, organizing, securing, and digitizing documents of a company to make them easy to access, and share among the team members or clients whenever required.
CRM with document management helps organization in simplifying the process of sales documents management. This add-on feature of CRM provides users with an interactive view of documents that make it easy to upload, edit & share, anytime and anywhere.
Both record management and document management work by adding value to the organization. While record management helps ensure accountability for managing records of tasks and activities needed to conduct business, document management ensures accountability for the document handling, uploading and sharing process.