Automatically Capture Leads from Facebook with Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Facebook not only allows you to connect and share with your close friends but it also opens a communication link to your customers and prospects. Tutterfly CRM lets you connect the Facebook ads and create contacts into your CRM account so you can keep track of all your online conversations.

Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads CRM Integration

Sync Facebook Leads with Ease

Tutterfly works as a centralized place to track your leads from various sources. A business account on the CRM comes with Facebook lead ads integration that lets you map your lead form to capture all the leads from Facebook.

Reduce Manual Efforts

The platform offers a next-generation process for managing Facebook leads. You don’t need to download the leads and upload them on your CRM’s lead module again and again. It fetches all the Facebook leads for you and reduces manual efforts.

Instantly Distribute Leads to Your Team

The CRM allows you to instantly distribute and assign leads to your team members. It saves you and your team plenty of time and effort that could very well go into managing more leads. Automated lead capturing and management increases your overall team productivity and turnaround time.

Nurture the Captured Leads

Some leads convert easily, while some, not so much. Well, that’s why lead nurturing is crucial. With Tutterfly, you can send personalized emails and create campaigns to engage your Facebook leads and push them into conversion.

Track Your Campaign Performance

Use the Lead Source reporting feature of Tutterfly to track which of your Facebook campaigns are showing high conversions. It can help you analyze your strategies and improve your campaigns to increase the ROI.

How to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Tutterfly CRM

Here’s a complete process to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Tutterfly CRM using WATInt Lead Management System

WATInt Lead Management System is a Facebook-integrated app to automatically send leads collected through your Facebook Ads pages for TutterflyCRM. To activate the lead-collection webhook in Tutterfly CRM, use your Facebook Business Account to authenticate the app. Please note that you must use the same account that runs your Facebook Ads. Once authenticated, the app will pull your leads through a Facebook-approved secured API and help place those in the Lead section of your TutterflyCRM account using an encrypted process.

What this app does not do:
  • The app cannot read/collect information related to your Facebook posts, likes and shares.
  • The app can neither ‘see’ your Facebook network nor can it pull read details about any other Facebook user.
  • The app does not collect your Facebook account details including email address, phone number, date of birth etc.

Please note that while developing the WATInt Lead Management System, we strictly followed the process outlined by Facebook which was later verified by Facebook’s team.

Steps to Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Tutterfly CRM:


Go to the “Admin” Panel

Click on the top right corner to reach the admin panel.


Locate Facebook Connect

Now locate the Facebook Conntect option at the bottom of side panel and click on it. Then click on the Continue with Facebook button and a new window will open up.


Login with Facebook

Click on the login button to start the integration process. (Note: You have to have a Facebook Business account to set up Facebook Lead Ads Integration)


Select Facebook Pages for Integration

Once logged in, you will be asked to select the Facebook pages you want to integrate with Tutterfly CRM for lead capturing.


Complete the Integration Process

Complete the integration process by selecting the information you want the software to fetch in CRM. After completing these steps, your Facebook lead ads integration with Tutterfly will be successfully completed.


View Facebook Leads in CRM

After successful integration, you will be redirected to the admin panel. Now go to the dashboard and open the lead module. You will see an option that says “Leads from Facebook”. Click on it to check out all the leads captured from the Facebook lead ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Tutterfly allows you to collect Facebook Leads in real-time. Every time there’s a new lead submission, you will receive the lead at CRM as well.
There are plenty of benefits that come with connecting your CRM with Facebook Lead Ads. For starters, it will help you save time and reduce manual work. And since the process uses a real-time connection, there’s no delay of data. So, when you see all the contacts in your CRM itself, it makes it easy to connect with them. Additionally, this connection helps in collecting all the leads in one place, cutting the effort of downloading CSV files containing leads and then uploading them on the CRM.
A CRM works by streamlining and automating the sales and marketing processes by collecting leads from different platforms through API integration. Once the leads are automatically collected, you can focus on lead qualification and direct your effort towards high-potential leads.
Lead management is an important feature of Customer Relationship Management. A CRM offering lead management works by bringing in the leads and guiding them through the process of qualifying and nurturing. After completion, it hands over the leads to the sales representatives whose work is to turn those leads into customers.
It’s the process where you streamline your lead capturing processes by connecting your Facebook Business Account with your CRM. It cuts down the manual effort of downloading the lead file and uploading it into your CRM. It saves your time and makes way for easy lead handling.
Tutterfly is the best CRM for Facebook Leads for the travel industry. It helps in smooth lead capturing and management for travel agents and tour operators. They can integrate their Facebook Accounts with the CRM in a few simple steps for auto-lead capturing.
Tutterfly CRM makes it easy for a business to send leads from Facebook to the platform. It involves an integration process through a few simple steps. You just need to go to the ‘Admin’ panel and find the ‘Facebook connect’ option to successfully integrate your Facebook business account with the CRM.