TutterflyCRM FAQs

Have a query about TutterflyCRM? This page contains the most frequently asked questions about TutterflyCRM. It can answer most questions you may have about our travel sales software. Browse the segments below to find the answer you are looking for:

Customer Relationship Management is one of the most popular business software for companies worldwide. It offers many client management solutions with sales development options to businesses at relatively lower costs than other business software. This makes them ideal for startups, SMBs and less-than-enterprise grade business organizations.
CRMs work by integrating all kinds of sales operations from the client-side into one single software. This ensures that individuals can work integrally on their different processes on a unified interface. This obviously works to supplement all kinds of business operations.
TutterflyCRM is an industry-leading travel sales solution which offers company-wide customer management processes. It also integrates sales processing, management and oversight modules to provide comprehensive software for running business operations.
Travel CRMs are specifically designed CRMs which focus on the travel industry. They may include specific functions that optimize processing in travel industry environments. They are usually developed by companies who focus specifically on the travel domain.
Travel CRMs are designed to contain many major elements of client information in bulk. This data is secured through encryption and this differs from one CRM to another. You should check out the CRM encryption protocol for more details.
TutterflyCRM is a technologically advanced business application created with many cutting-edge elements. For the front end, the developers have used AngularJS while the backend is based on PHP Laravel Framework. TutterflyCRM offers dedicated a database for each user and its Docker-based multi-tenant SaaS model offers complete isolation of data and user-based operations. The entire application runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment managed through highly secured and scalable (automated load-balancer) cloud-architecture in co-located data-centers. To be noted that TutterflyCRM makes use of several AWS services to store, process and serve data through TutterflyCRM.
TutterflyCRM is a dedicated business solution for all kinds of travel agencies and operators. It offers a full suite of business tools which can be used to conduct smart business operations. Companies can streamline work processes, collaborate more effectively and deliver better output overall through TutterflyCRM.
TutterflyCRM is one of the very few business applications in the market which offers partial automatic working through report generation, lead processing etc. The essential modules include accounts, leads, opportunities and reports enable fast working and effective collaboration. So, companies can effectively work themselves and owners can envision their growth to the maximum.
TutterflyCRM is loaded with features which make running a travel business easy. Accounts and Person Accounts help you save client data and cater to them with a personalized approach. Leads and Opportunities segments work together to deliver deriving better lead generation from the market. Finally, Reports modules can help in keeping a clear view on all business processes. All these factors combined provide for better integrated working for travel agencies.
The travel business is incredibly competitive. To thrive in this market, travel agencies need specialized online applications which make doing business easier. Since CRMs allow for collaborative working, they make the entire working process come together. This eliminates separate working processes for different professionals. Naturally, the overall output for the entire company increases and businesses compete better in the market.
Interconnectivity and integral working are the two major aspects of the travel industry. Without a strong sales software at the centre, no company can achieve working efficiency. TutterflyCRM provides for these needs and also offers scaling potential. So, as companies emerge and encounter challenges, they can use the CRM to function on par everytime.
TutterflyCRM is a dedicated business software that offers multiple benefits to travel agencies. Since it has been made dedicatedly for the travel market, it delivers a superb company-wide interface. This software interface can be used by employees to conduct their sales operations and client management. This leads to better customer relationship development through quicker query resolution and response.
Reports are an important part of running any business and TutterflyCRM allow for report customization. Some of the most important report format customization options include sales, leads, opportunities and every other module available in TutterflyCRM. This variety in generating reports helps companies find the right documentation protocol for their business. They can use this to create better control measures on all aspects of their business and profit more.
TutterflyCRM has been made keeping the needs of travel startups and SMBs in mind. You can start using the CRM for 15 days and then pay for subscriptions on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and yearly basis. More importantly, commitment for a longer duration (in terms of months) also comes with additional discounts which you can easily find on the pricing page here.
Signing up for TutterflyCRM is a really easy task. All you need to do is go to the main website page and register. Once done, you will get an email in the account you’re registered (e.g. Google, Yahoo). Open the email and click the link. This will register you with TutterflyCRM. Now, you can start using it.
TutterflyCRM is a completely online SaaS-based Travel CRM. So, all you need basically is a browser to use it. All functioning in the CRM including your dedicated company database is done online. So, you do not need to pay any implementation costs. Be it Windows or Mac Operating System or Firefox or Chrome browser, you can use TutterflyCRM from any computer, anywhere in the world.
TutterflyCRM is always willing to go the distance for clients. That is why we can create customization options for specific needs. The actual specifics depend on your requirements and so, the quote for the same will be given after analysis. We can help you modify and use TutterflyCRM as you want.
TutterflyCRM has been created to run over operating systems. So, you need to do nothing at all to use the CRM. All you need is a browser and the right interface, whether desktop or mobile to operate it.