TutterflyCRM Partner Program

Why should you become a TutterflyCRM Partner?

Travel is a personalized experience and travel business owners leave no stone unturned to make it happen. Now to achieve this, a travel business needs specific business tools that define how the service is rendered at the traveler’s end. A run-of-the-mill CRM simply cannot do that for the travel business owner and that’s why we created Tutterfly. From the most essentials to purely intuitive - Tutterfly CRM encomasses everything a travel business needs.

As the travel industry’s only meaningful CRM, Tutterfly comes with a plethora of opportunities for those who sell it. With not many competing products, the market is already ripe for you as a partner. Since the SELL vs. PITCH ratio will be quite high, you, the partner will have profits accumulating into your account.

Let’s help you to take the driving seat and propel a stupendous growth - together!

Partner Programs

Depending upon your present engagement, business infrastructure and technical acumen, you are free to choose any of the three partner programs we offer. Go for the one that suits you best.

Affiliate Partner

Place your unique link on your website or on another resource and get 10% of first year’s revenue from each sale of the TutterFly CRM made using your unique link.

Who can become an affiliate Partner?

The program is great for those who are fluent in online sales techniques, but do not have the capability or resources to lead customers on a regular basis.

What is expected from you?

This is the simplest of the program. Promote your affiliate link through your website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram post, Medium article, Tweet or even in your email signature.


10 % commission on first year’s revenue
Register Online
Sign-up for our affiliate partner program. Complete the registration process.
Generate link/script
You will have the options to generate banner or text-based code snippets or a simple unique link that identifies your affiliation.
A would-be customer follows your ‘ad’ and subscribes for Tutterfly CRM. Your sell-counter starts. You get 20% of the customer’s first payment.
Recurring Business
The customer continues to use Tutterfly CRM and for the next 12-months you, the affiliate partner, continue to get 10% of the revenue.

Sales Representatives

Know how to sell IT products? Get registered as an Independent Sales Representative to actively sell TutterFly CRM and earn a steady income.

Who can become an Independent Sales Representative?

The program is aimed at individuals and legal entities who are professionally involved in the sale of IT products or other travel related products and are ready to actively sell our products.

What is expected from you?

You should be ‘connected’ to the IT product market or at least, you should know about sales and marketing of IT services/products. Use your network, generate leads and get business.


20 % of the first year’s revenue
15 % of the second year’s revenue
10 % of the third year’s revenue
Register Online
Sign-up for Tutterfly CRM Independent Sales Representative program. Provide the necessary details to complete your registration process.
Get Trained
Our marketing team will be soon in touch with you. We will train you, give you the necessary resources and help you set your sales channel.
Pitch & Sell
Equipped with your freshly acquired sales-acumen, you will now pitch for Tutterfly CRM. Once the potential customer agrees for a demo, we will take over.
Recurring Business
The customer subscribes and your meter starts running. As the customer pays, your revenue account opens. And yes, you can see everything on your ISR dashboard.

Integration Partner

Already running an IT setup? Get registered as an Integration Partner to sell TutterFly and to provide implementation, configuration and support to TutterFly Clients.

Who can become an Integration Partner?

The program is aimed at legal entities who are professionally involved in the sale, support and development of IT products and meet our minimum requirement for the program.

What is expected from you?

You or your organization should be already in the IT business with enough manpower to support technical and business support to Tutterfly CRM customers. There are multiple revenue streams and you are expected to take the full benefits.

Rewards Sale of Tutterfly:

20 % of the first year’s revenue
15 % commission on second year’s revenue
10 % commission on third year’s revenue

Implementation and Support:

100% of the revenue generated from implementation and support.
Register Online
Register to become an Independent Integration Partner. Need to share a few details about your business.
Get Onboarded
Our S&M team will give your team a complete walk through or Tutterfly CRM and the implementation team will train your tech members. You get your own account manager.
Start selling
Take the benefits of our lead generation process for your chosen locations; involve your team for demo and first-line of communication. Take our help to close deals.
Revenue Channels
Make use of ALL revenue streams. Earn recurring commissions, take 100% benefits for implementation and support. Grow your business with Tutterfly.

Signup for Tutterfly CRM Partner Program Today!