What is a Proforma Invoice?

Proforma Invoice is a preliminary invoice that is sent to the buyer before a sale is confirmed. It features the deliverables from the seller’s end such as the quantity of goods and services, their estimated cost, bank details, and other necessary information. After reviewing the proforma invoice, the buyer gives the confirmation of the deal to the seller. The seller proceeds to send a sales invoice and starts working on their part of the deal.

Create, Send, and Manage Invoices with Tutterfly Proforma Invoice Module


Sleek Interface:

The modern interface makes Tutterfly one of the most practical invoicing solutions. It simplifies the proforma invoice creation process, ensuring a smooth workflow.


Professional Document:

Tutterfly’s Proforma Invoice module puts emphasis on providing you with a professional-looking design of proforma invoices to help you stand out in the eyes of your clients.


Predefined Settings:

Tutterfly lets you predefine the default settings for creating a proforma invoice and those details will be automatically captured while creating a new proforma invoice.


Leverage Automation:

Tutterfly CRM leverages automation when it comes to its proforma invoice generator. It empowers you to create invoices for your opportunities with a single click. All the important details get automatically added automatically to the Proforma invoice so there’s no need to enter the same details repetitively.


Download or Email Proforma Invoice:

After generating the proforma invoice, you can either download it or email it directly to the clients from Tutterfly CRM.

Tutterfly Proforma Invoice Management - Your Perfect Billing Solution

Create impressive Proforma Invoices prior to receiving payments from the clients and streamline your sales process. Access the feature from the opportunity module and instantly create and download Proforma Invoice in PDF format or send it directly to the clients via email through the CRM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Proforma Invoices are used to streamline the sales process of a business. The purpose of sending them to the clients is to offer them a clear idea of what to expect. Once the client approves the price, the seller can deliver the goods and services. It also serves some additional purposes, including - declaring the value of goods to the buyers and for internal purchase processes.
A Proforma Invoice is submitted before a sale is confirmed. It highlights the deliverables from the seller’s end.
The purpose of a Pro forma invoice is to provide the buyers with an estimated cost of goods. It also ensures that the buyer fully understands the goods prior to making any purchases. It’s a document that is sent to the buyers before the delivery of product/services.
Tutterfly CRM lets you send Proforma Invoice to clients with ease. Here’s the step-by-step process of sending Proforma Invoice to the clients using Tutterfly:
  • Login to the Tutterfly CRM dashboard and access the opportunity module.
  • Select the opportunity you want to send the proforma invoice to.
  • From there you can find the option to send the invoice. You can easily download or save the invoice or email it directly to the clients.
Proforma Invoice must feature all the necessary info related to the transaction. Even though it offers the same information as a tax invoice, one does not need to enter the payment getaway or the bill number. Mentioned below are some of the things that a professional proforma invoice includes:
  • Contact info of the buyer and seller
  • Date and title of the invoice
  • Description of products and services for delivery
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement
  • A precise estimate of shipping and taxes involved for the buyer