Release - Road Map

We are in the process of continuous development and improvement. Besides integrating newer features to make the user-experience more enhanced and increasingly better, we relentlessly work towards integrating the latest from the technology world. For example, we are investing heavily on implementing Artificial Intelligence driven sales-forecasting, performance projection etc. apart from making ways for you to integrate a plethora of 3 rd -party tools. All these features and a host of others have a common motto – improve productivity so that you can serve your customers in the best possible way.

A list of upcoming features with tentative release date is given below:

RELEASE: February 01, 2021

SL NO Feature identification Release Version
1 Lead management 2.1
2 My pipeline 2.1
3 TAT management 2.1
4 Objection management 2.1
5 Itinerary publishing 2.1
6 Account ledger 2.1
7 Alerts and notification 2.1
8 ‘Pin a View’ option to create a default list view 2.1

RELEASE: April 01, 2021

SL NO Feature identification Release Version
9 Ability to clone a record 2.2
10 Generate, use and clean sample records 2.2
11 Interactive charts and bar-graph for views 2.2
12 Interactive charts and bar-graph for Reports 2.2
13 One-click copy option of data from a field (useful fields only) 2.2
14 Profile Enhancer (For Accounts, Contacts, Person Accounts and Leads) 2.2
15 Fixed Departure Management/Product management 2.2
16 Rename a user at the Tenant level 2.2
17 Change email ID for a User 2.2
18 Add destination dropdown in leads as a additional field 2.2
19 Set password policy for all users 2.2

RELEASE: June 1, 2021

SL NO Feature identification Release Version
20 Notes and attachments with every record 2.3
21 Connect Facebook and Instagram with TutterflyCRM 2.3
22 On-screen notifications for logged-in users from tenant admin and TutterFly super admin 2.3
23 Tenant Admin Area: View Login History of users with Timestamp, IP and Location 2.3
24 TutterflyCRM Mobile App (Android) 2.3
25 TutterflyCRM Mobile App (iOS) 2.3
26 TutterflyCRM Mobile App (PWA) 2.3
27 Use WhatsApp to send transactional messages (add-on feature) 2.3
28 Option to create Leads from Emails 2.3
29 Supplier Management: Manage list of approved suppliers 2.3
30 Supplier Management: Option to prepare RFQs and send to suppliers for quotation 2.3
31 Assign ratings: Account, Lead and Person Account 2.3
32 Locking all the users with in tenant in case of emergency 2.3

RELEASE: August 1, 2021

SL NO Feature identification Release Version
33 Calendar for upcoming tasks/process/activity (integration with Google and Outlook Calendar) 2.4
34 Integrated SMS to communicate with customers (add-on feature) 2.4
35 Customize theme based on organizational color, logo, and background image 2.4
36 Dynamic Email Templates 2.4
37 Beamer feature to send updates to your website from TutterFly 2.4
38 Mass ownership transfer of records 2.4
39 Customizable workflow at tenant level 2.4
40 Organization chart in user profile 2.4
41 Organization directory in User profile 2.4
42 Emergency measure: Expire all password (new password on next login) 2.4
43 IP range locking (access control by setting IP range) 2.4
44 Escalation matrix in user profile: (SALES ESCALATION) 2.4
45 Integrated intra-tenant chat feature for users 2.4
46 Meeting scheduling 2.4

RELEASE: October 1, 2021

SL NO Feature identification Release Version
47 AI based Sales Forcastig 2.5
48 Territory Management 2.5
49 Constraint Management 2.5