What is a SaaS CRM?

A SaaS CRM is a software that lets you manage all your contacts (leads, prospects, and customers), build sales pipelines, simplify processes, track leads, get instant updates on your deals, keep your team on the same page, and build relationships with potential & existing customers. It helps businesses with automation and personalization of sales, marketing & customer services and brings transparency in customer relationships.

Importance of SaaS-based CRM for Your Business

When it comes to the SaaS business, its sole driver is customer acquisition. It’s not easy to drive leads into the sales funnel and convert them into your loyal customers. A report by one marketing agency states that 61% of B2B marketers send leads directly to sales but only 27% of those leads get qualified. Sales teams usually have to follow up, nurture, and sell. On top of that, they have to deal with the upselling and retention part.

For a business to sustain itself in a competitive environment, a good customer experience can be a major deciding factor. With SaaS CRM Software, it can become easy to enhance customer experience and deliver faster. It can simplify and accelerate your sales processes from lead capturing to making sales.

What makes Tutterfly SaaS Software Ideal for Travel Industry


It Centralizes Your Sales Process and Increases Transparency

Access complete customer profile and manage sales cycle in one place with Tutterfly SaaS CRM. Know the lead source and track interactions & lead status in the sales cycle. Utilize all the information to personalize communications, and keep your team on the same page.


With Timely Follow-Ups, Build Strong Customer Relationships

It's an action-focused CRM that offers modules to make timely follow-ups easy. It ensures you always deliver timely on your promises to build trust.


Increase Your Customer Retention for Repeat Business

Nurture relationships with the existing customers who are interested in your product or service using the SaaS CRM software. Focus on improving experience throughout customers' journey using to open up upselling and cross-selling opportunities.


Increase Productivity with Workflow Automation

Eliminate time-consuming manual efforts, improve workflow management, and boost productivity with automation. With Tutterfly SaaS Software, your team gets quick access to leads, email templates, and reports allowing quick action and faster selling.


Simplify Work with Integration

Capture leads directly to the CRM from Facebook lead ads and website forms in real-time to save time and effort. Integrate Facebook, Whatsapp, and Web Forms to automate lead capturing and customer interactions.

What's in Tutterfly CRM for Travel Businesses?

Wondering what's in Tutterfly for Travel Business? From bringing everything your travel business needs in one place to offering you a centralized sales platform, there's a lot more the SaaS management software has to offer.

Sales Automation

Manage your entire sales pipeline with ease. Focus on high potential leads, capture them through your campaigns and engage with them quickly. The SaaS CRM offers sales automation that allows the free flow of information across your company. It eventually improves the overall productivity and drives higher conversions.

Effective Customer Interactions

Tutterfly CRM improves your customer interactions and supports faster feedback response rate. It enables you to provide high-quality services to your customers which lead to maximum retention.

Improved Team Collaborations

It is a perfect SaaS CRM Solution for travel businesses that can improve internal team communications. It helps with smoother team collaborations and provides a boost in the sales cycle.

High Conversion Rates

SaaS CRM System allows you to access all the business details through a single dashboard. You can access contacts, leads, opportunities, booking histories, sales targets and achievements, and customer-related information to drive business in the right direction. The software helps in boosting your conversion rates and increasing revenue.

Better Business Insights

Tutterfly SaaS-based CRM brings you insightful reports, making it easy to track your business growth. You can use those customized reports and analytics to improve your business strategy and get closer to your sales goals. You can view the ROI of your campaigns, closely observe the customers' journey, and monitor the conversions with custom reports.

Achieve more with Tutterfly SaaS CRM

Itinerary Builder

Tutterfly SaaS CRM allows you to create stunning detailed itineraries within minutes. You can build customized itineraries for your clients with the software's easy-to-use itinerary builder module.


It's a mobile-friendly SaaS solution that provides you with a mobile application that lets you track and log activities from any time & anywhere using your smartphone.


The software offers easy integration with the web, Whatsapp, and Facebook for higher flexibility in capturing & tracking leads from different sources and efficient client interactions.

Track Customer Activities

Track all your customer engagement and activities such as call conversation, texts, emails, and tasks. Derive 360° insights and take the best actions to win more business.

Features of Tutterfly CRM


  • Account Management (B2B & B2C)
  • Contact Management
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Task Management
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Profile Management
  • Content Management


  • TAT Management
  • Supplier & Departure Management
  • Mass Mail
  • Key Deals Tagging
  • Sales Process Definition
  • Customize Email Templates
  • Customize Reports
  • Web, Facebook, and WhatsApp Integration
  • Sales Objection Management

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a cloud-based software that gives you access to the functionalities of a CRM and the support without any need for installation or maintenance. It brings transparency to customer relationships and helps businesses in automating and personalizing sales, marketing and customer services.
Tutterfly is among the best CRM for SaaS suited for the needs of travel businesses. It helps organizations manage their business with ease by offering automation of sales cycle, lead management, customer relationship management, and more. The CRM helps businesses in saving time by cutting down the manual data entry tasks so that your teams can focus more on conversions and build better customer relationships.
SaaS CRM software offers various features to increase the ease of doing business and increase productivity. The first step of the software evaluation process includes learning about its features and matching those features against your business requirements. There are some key features offered by CRM software, including workflow automation, reporting and analytics, sales forecasting, task management, customer interaction tracking, team collaboration, hierarchy management, and email marketing.
The CRM you purchase must be able to integrate with tools used by customer service, sales, and marketing teams. This may include sales forecasting, email marketing, customer experience management, etc. The software should also integrate with your social media platforms and websites to capture leads and data from marketing campaigns.
SaaS CRM software is very easy to set up and requires the users to just log in. Sometimes you may require the vendor's help if you have more than one user and their accounts need configuration with the data from the current systems.
A CRM supports the sales team in managing every stage of the sales cycle with ease, from leads to customer management and conversions. Here are some of the ways a CRM can help SaaS businesses:
  • Track and manage communications and account activity.
  • Centralize customer details for easy access
  • Qualify leads and track potential customers
  • Detailed reports for sales forecasting, and identifying trends
  • Access, and share information across your teams
The major advantages of using SaaS CRM Software on mobile devices include ease of accessibility and its ability to support a hybrid working model. It offers flexibility to your sales team and helps them access the system from anywhere and anytime. A mobile-friendly CRM helps in reducing the budget of accessing systems and increases the overall efficiency and productivity of a business.