What are Sales Activities?

Sales activities are the day-to-day tasks and practice that the sales reps indulge in. Sales Activity Management (SAM) helps businesses in tracking and managing sales activities while increasing the efficiency of the sales team. It helps the sales team in planning, prioritizing daily activities such as emails, calls, meetings, follow-ups, etc. With Sales Activity Management you can track all kind of activities that lead to closures of business leads. With real-time data and insights, companies can set sales targets, track the performance of their sales team, reward top performers, and create a competitive environment.

Boost Your Sales Team Productivity with Sales Activity Management


Get a 360-degree View of Sales Accounts

Sales activity management software gathers the crucial sales data in one place that can be easily accessed by the sales reps at any time. The software can perform several operations seamlessly, that may include tracking customer interactions, viewing sales history, and presenting customer information.


Gives Understanding of Prospect Behavior

It can be hard for a sales rep to predict the buying intent of a prospect while handling a large portfolio of sales accounts. The sales management software helps by listing out the interactions between the prospects and the organization. This can help the reps in figuring out whether to invest time and effort in converting that prospect or not.


Increase the Sales Efficiency

Sales reps take over an array of activities on a daily basis and getting off-track is pretty common. A software that manages sales activities works by reminding them about both completed and incomplete tasks, thus helping them stay on track. By improving the efficiency of the sales team and helping them manage their work, sales software can increase the chances of conversions.

Simplify Your Sales Process with Sales Activities - Close More Deals!

Streamline your sales process and close deals faster by tracking sales activities and measure those with maximum potential to increase conversions.


Reduce Admin Work:

With Tutterfly sales activity management software, manual data entry is a thing of the past. With the help of the right tool, your team will have less data to handle and more time to close the deals.


Unifies Data:

The software gives a streamlined view of your sales process for better clarity and ensures that everyone in your team is on the same page. The software doesn’t just unify the data but also unifies the apps and other integration tools.


Easy to Use Tool:

Sales management software acts as an easy one-stop-solution for your sales tracking needs. It is more than a weekly reporting platform that helps you in automating your sales process and improves productivity.


Identify Key Sales Activities:

Track and learn the performance of your sales activity through in-depth reports. You can use these reports to make decisions on optimizing the activities involved in the sales process.


Track Sales Calls and Emails:

Track and manage phone calls and emails threads, and log customer interactions that can provide future reference to your sales teams.


Schedule Your Follow-up Activities:

Log follow-up tasks and activities such as setting up meetings, schedule calls, set up demos, and more in the sales activity management software to optimize time and increase productivity.


Collaborate with Teammates:

Keep your team updated with all customer communications by accessing the conversation threads and activity history of each prospect and customer.


Take Advantage of Custom Fields:

Create custom fields for target accounts and contact data to gather unique information on your prospects and boost conversion rates.


Set Up Workflows:

Sales management software allows you to automate the workflows, create tasks, capture leads, add follow-up activities, and more.

Achieve More with Tutterfly Sales Activity Management Software

Tutterfly gives you full control over your sales activities and promotes a streamlined workflow in an organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from tracking sales activity:
  • You can easily spot activities that have the highest impact on your revenue and conversions.
  • You can adapt and optimize your process based on real data to focus on result-driven activities.
  • Get a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your sales reps.
  • By tracking sales activity, you can set better goals and expectations which call for accountability, initiatives, and better performance.
The sales management covers the training of the sales team, forecasting the sales, and most importantly setting the sales goals. The management also helps develop effective strategies for increasing sales and managing leads. This is why having effective sales management is considered the primary benchmark for success.
Successful sales activity management activities include training the sales reps, tracking activities and follow-up tasks, and using data gathered by the team for forecasting and improving sales and deal closures.
According to a study conducted by Hubspot and Vantage Point, it was found that:
  • 33% of the time of inside sales reps goes actively in selling.
  • 25% of sales heads around the world haven’t started using sales activity management.
  • Over 70% of sales reps revealed they spend too much time on manual data entry tasks.
  • Every year, wasted marketing budget and lost sales productivity can cost companies at least $1 trillion.