What is Sales Management Software?

Sales management software is a centralized system designed specifically for sales representatives. It helps them organize the sales process by managing their contacts and sales operations and reduces time & efforts.

It is often seen that in order to organize the sales process, businesses adopt different tools for leads capturing and assignment to sales teams, tracking KPIs, monitoring sales pipelines, and performing sales analysis. This can defeat the purpose of having a centralized sales approach and reduce productivity even further. But an all-in-one sales management software can help overcome all these challenges and optimize the sales process to accelerate growth.

What to look for in Sales Management Software?

While looking for sales management software for your business, you must consider a few things:

Centralized Access to Multiple Tools

A sales management system works as a single-use platform to access multiple tools. It gives you access to features like lead management, mass mailing, customer relationship management, sales & marketing automation, sales tracking, forecasting and more. It also allows you to integrate social media, WhatsApp, websites, etc. to perform automated lead capturing and manage client interactions.

Contact Management

It allows you to segment and organizes your contacts by gathering crucial data of the customers to be used for marketing and sales initiatives. You can gather data like names, addresses, contact details, and social media accounts. This feature can come in handy so make sure that you choose a sales software that provides you with it.

Lead Management

Identify and manage your leads with much more accuracy and reduce human error through automation offered by the lead management module of sales software. It helps you capture leads from various marketing and sales activities. With such a feature you can avoid the manual downloading and uploading of leads into your sales management system and avoid lead leakage.


Another important tool your sales management system must possess is integration with websites and social channels. Almost all such platforms come with the ability to integrate with social media platforms and web forms. This helps in capturing the leads and cuts down on the manual data entry process of the sales team.

Sales Automation

As the name suggests, sales management software allows you to manage your entire sales pipeline with ease. You can focus on high potential leads, capture them through your many campaigns, and quickly engage with them. It allows for a free flow of information across the company, thus improving productivity and driving high conversions.

Benefits of Sales Management Software


Saves Time:

A Sales management tool lets you organize all your customer details that can be easily accessed by members of your sales team and it streamlines the entire sales process.


Workflow Automation:

Using sales management software the sales team can cut down on manual data entry tasks. The workflow automation offered by the platform can automate the data entry process as well as the process requiring follow-up emails. This allows the sales team to focus more on making sales.


Stay Updated on Your Pipeline:

It's crucial for a sales representative to stay updated on the sales data. Unfortunately, it can be challenging without sales management software. A sales software provides full information on lead status so that the team members and managers can prioritize actions and give the right attention to the prospects at the right time.


Promotes Teamwork:

Sales management software allows for work coordination across departments. Everyone in the company can access the shared information and communicate directly within the lead and customer records.


Accomplish Sales Goals:

With a sales management system, sales teams can optimize their sales processes to help with fast lead closure and put more focus on high-value opportunities. Using the platform, sales managers can keep their teams organized and track data to help teams achieve and exceed their targets.

Smart Software for Sales Lead Management

Lead Distribution

Easily captures and distribute leads to the sales reps as soon as they come in.

Follow-ups and Task Management

Instantly assign follow-ups and tasks to the sales team to help them plan daily activities.

Sales Tunnel Handling

Automatically push your leads down the sales funnel and change the lead stages on the basis of your activities.

Lead Qualification

Easily score and qualify your leads and help sales teams set the priority of their tasks.

Sales Tracking

Track everything sales from conversations, activities, and closures.

CRM System as a Sales Management Software

CRM systems are known for successfully improving the ability to centralize all the business data and an organized approach towards the sales pipeline. It captures all the information entering and exiting the business cycle from leads to customer feedback, making it easy for you to deal with the customers.

A CRM increases the efficiency of the sales teams, improve customer engagement, boost lead conversion rates, and perform workflow automation to improve the sales management process.

Key Features of CRM that Boost Sales Performance

Lead Scoring

The work of a sales rep does not end at capturing a high volume of leads. One needs to score those leads, which is also the first step of the sales process. This is where a sales management system comes into play. Such a system has the ability to automatically score the leads entering your sales pipeline. It helps the sales team identify the value of leads and prioritize them accordingly.

Lead Distribution

The majorities of the businesses generate and capture leads from multiple sources. This can call for an organized collection and distribution of those leads for better handling. A Sales CRM Software can provide you with the function to define rules to automatically assign leads to the sales reps or do it manually with a single click.

Sales Pipeline Management

Sales managers use the sales pipeline to get a glimpse of customer or lead status at different stages in the sales process. Using the information, they usually decide what steps to take in order to close deals faster. A good sales management CRM enables you to track deals and their status closely.

Sales Analytics

When you have a large number of sales data, it becomes crucial to have Sales CRM Software. With one in place, you can track sales, spot key trends, and do forecasting to make better decisions in the near future. It is a useful feature for sales managers who can easily keep a tab on the sales pipeline, key performance metrics, and set/monitor monthly targets.

Sales Automation

Automation of the sales processes can improve your business productivity significantly. It allows the sales representatives to spend less time doing data entry work and spend more time executing their activities. CRM systems can manage follow-ups to engage with qualified leads and automate workflow to save time & speed up the sales process.

What's in Tutterfly CRM Sales Management Software?

Tutterfly CRM is a SaaS-based sales management software that can improve your sales process and boost productivity. Here's what you get in Tutterfly CRM.

Prospects & Contacts Management

Using Tutterfly CRM, you can quickly get access to your contacts’ information. Automatically capture prospects’ information via web forms, email, and social platforms. Lastly, Identify and prioritize prospects who are most likely to become customers.

Follow-ups Management

Track and manage status of your sales at every stages and stay ahead of conversations with the customers. Tutterfly keeps all your engagement detail in one place to help your sales team keep updated about the prospect customers all the time, thus improving your customer service and feedback response time.

Performance Dashboard

Get a 360-degree view of your entire organization through a single dashboard. You can track the sales performance, update and monitor monthly targets, keep an eye on user activities, access recently uploaded files, track key deals, and manage tasks.

Forecast Management

The platform offers built-in sales forecasting to predict potential revenue so that you can keep a tab on your sales pipeline and plan ahead. This helps you course-correct for a faster and much accurate forecast.

Get Sales Insights

Use the customized sales reports to track and optimize your sales processes to scale your business and know exactly how your sales are performing. With Tutterfly CRM, create insightful reports across modules, analyze trends, measure team performance, and customize dashboard to get access to key sales metrics.

Why Choose Tutterfly CRM for Sales Management?

Tutterfly is one of the best sales crm software that brings together powerful modules and time-saving features. If you are wondering whether to choose Tutterfly CRM to manage your sales, here are some convincing reasons.

1. Easy to Use

It is more than a weekly reporting platform that is easy to set up and easy to use. It allows you to do everything from sales tracking to support faster conversions.

2. Reduce Admin Work

The software cuts down on the manual data entry tasks. It automatically gathers and puts data in the system for you so that you have more time to sell.

3. Full Customization

Tutterfly is a flexible sales management system that can be easily customized to the needs of your business. It offers a simple yet innovative design with ease-of-personalization.

4. Streamlined Sales

You can get more clarity and bring everyone on your team on the same page with a unified view of your sales process. It also offers social platforms and web forms integration to further streamline sales.

5. Mobile-Friendly

When it comes to active selling and engaging faster with leads, mobile access is necessary. Tutterfly offers easy to use app for mobile devices to bring all the business information inside your pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sales management system is a tool that allows the sales team to reach its goals faster. The software can be used by the sales managers to track data, reduce overall admin tasks, assign leads and work on faster conversions. The platform stores customer information and streamlines the collaboration of sales and marketing for higher productivity.
There are plenty of benefits of using sales management software for your business. Some of them are improved sales productivity, reduced manual data entry, low chances of error, increased customer retention, workflow automation, sales user management, customer data management, helps sales forecasting, improved sales efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks, align marketing and sales team, etc.
Tutterfly CRM is one of the best sales management software's that can help manage and improve the sales process of a travel business. It offers automation of the sales cycle, customer relationship management, lead management, and more. Tutterfly assists businesses by reducing manual data entry tasks so that the teams can focus more on working on conversions and build better relationships with the customers.
A CRM offers a number of tools and features that can help a business in increasing sales. Some of the features are mentioned below:
  • Easy information sharing across the teams
  • Accurate sales tracking
  • Capturing customer details
  • Reporting and insights
  • Mobile access
  • Task management
  • Lead capturing
  • Customer service
  • Integration with other software and platforms
A CRM is designed to cater to the needs of a business by allowing them to build and nurture good customer relationships. It helps in driving high customer satisfaction which eventually leads to their retention. A CRM increases the productivity of the sales team and improves customer service ten folds. A CRM also provides a competitive advantage for a business by boosting the sales revenue, centralizing data for easy access, and cutting down on manual data entry tasks.

A CRM Software automates those steps of the sales process that rely heavily on repetitive and manual tasks. It may include things like sending emails to customers and other processes including

Report Generation

CRM software produces customized reports. This helps the sales reps to get more time to do the analysis and make better decisions that lead to growth.

Lead Distribution and Prioritization

It can help in the distribution of leads and prioritizing the selection of leads to contacts to enable the sales team to work on leads that are most likely to convert.

Sales Alerts

The biggest advantage of sales automation software is its ability to track the sales processes. The system updates the team when a customer action has taken place. The team can also monitor the progress of the sales journey.