Tour Operator Software to Automate Your Travel Business

A Tour Software is designed to boost sales, improve client interactions, and enhance the ease of handling business with detailed reports and analytics. Tour Operator Software like a travel CRM is equipped with the features like lead management, opportunity management, account management, customizable reporting, itinerary builder, and more. All in all, the program offers automation to speed up sales, increase revenue and deliver a better customers experience, thus improving rapid business growth.

Improve Efficiency and Increase Revenue with Complete Travel Software Solution

Complete Sales Automation:

With sales automation, experience the free flow of information throughout your organization and improved productivity with higher lead conversions.

Better Customer Interactions:

Improve customer interactions and feedback processes to offer faster & quality services to the customers for maximum retention.

Improved Team Collaboration:

Tour management software helps in better communication between internal teams leading to smooth collaboration and speed up the sales cycle.

Higher Conversion Rates:

The software offers a single place to access all the information from enquiry to booking and payment, driving your business in the right direction with smarter planning and execution to boost conversion rates.

Business Intelligence:

It provides easy tracking of business with insightful reports. You can use customized reports and analytics to improve your strategy, bringing you closer to your sales targets.

Tutterfly Travel Software

Solution for Inbound and Outbound Tour Operators

Tutterfly is a Saas-based Travel CRM that is designed specifically to fulfil the needs of tour operators. It helps you manage group tours booking, create itineraries, manage customers and companies, automate your sales process, improves your customer services, manage leads and accounts, and gain full insights into your travel business with a single dashboard. Deliver an amazing experience to your clients through Tutterfly Tour Operator Software.

The software helps travel agents, tour operators, DMCs, and OTAs foster strong relationships with the customers, reduce lead response time, convert sales faster, and improve customer retention.

Tutterfly is among the top Tour Management Software in the market offering complete services to the travel industry by offering automation through lead processing, task and opportunity management, itinerary creation, report generation, customer retention, and so on. The software offers features that promote faster working and effective collaboration in and out of the organization.

Tutterfly Tour Management Software Gives You…

360 view° of the Customers

Get a complete view of your organization and interactions with your customers in order to deliver a personalized experience and leverage data to boost revenue.

Accelerate Conversions

Experience higher sales conversions with the improved data insights & analytics, enhanced management processes, improved customers relations, streamlined internal communications, and automated sales report building.

Shorten Sales Cycle

Focus on high potential leads and opportunities, communicate with customers on their preferred channel, and deliver personalized services to fast-track the sales cycle & save valuable time. The software allows for a better focus on the selected opportunities, seamless communication across channels, and better engagement.

Administrative Oversight

With a robust admin panel, customize every aspect of your tour management software. You can customize everything from the lead and opportunity management to the list view management, sales process and improved client delivery.

Data Encryption

Provide personalized experience to the clients while protecting their data from all kinds of internal and external threats. Boosting the security can increase the reliability factor of your company and help retain customers.

Tutterfly Features

Everything you need to earn and retain customers for your travel business


  • Account Management (B2B & B2C)
  • Contact Management
  • Lead and Opportunity Management
  • Hierarchy Management
  • View & Task Management
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Sales Process Definition
  • Sales Objection Management


  • Mass Mailing
  • Departure & Supplier Management
  • Facebook. WhatsApp & Web Integration
  • Customized Report Creation
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Content Management
  • Multi-device Compatibility

Why Choose Tutterfly?

Wondering how Tutterfly can help your travel business to grow? For starters, the software brings everything your travel business needs in one place. You can also access…

Sales Automation & Management - Easily manage the sales pipeline with lead management, opportunity management, sales stages, and automation tools.

Lead Capturing Module - The software works fast and provides efficiency in capturing leads from different channels.

Reporting and Analysis - You get detailed custom reports through the dashboard that helps you manage activities and do better planning.

Itinerary Builder - Tutterfly allows you to create detailed custom plans within minutes. You can create stunning itineraries for your customers with the program’s easy-to-use itinerary builder.

Mobile-Friendly - Tutterly is a complete mobile-friendly solution and provides you with a mobile application to track and log activities from anywhere, anytime.

Integration - The software offers integration with the web, Facebook, WhatApp for more flexibility and efficient interactions with the clients.

Personalization - By automating the workflow, the software saves your time and gives you detailed analytics that can be used to build a superior personalized experience for your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tour Operator Software is travel software designed for tour operators and travel agents to automate travel business. It offers leads & opportunities management, customer relationship management, itinerary creation, task and follow-ups, payment gateways, analytics reports and more.

Mentioned below are some of the major benefits of tour operator software:

  • Customer feedback and insights at fingertips
  • The Ability to personalize customer experience
  • Ease of itinerary creation
  • Keeping track of business productivity with analytics
Tour Management Software helps travel businesses manage leads, respond to customer queries, streamline follow-up processes, and develop strong relationships with customers improving sales. The software is designed for tour operators, travel agents, destination management companies, and travel companies. It can help them automate their entire business, including lead management, mass mailing, advanced reporting, fast follow-ups, hierarchy management, customer retention, and higher sales.
The basic difference between a conventional CRM and a travel CRM is that the travel CRM is built to dedicatedly focus on offering modules that serve the needs of the travel industry. A conventional one, on the other hand, offers generic customers relationship management services.
A travel CRM system’s main goal is to increase sales, improve customer services and feedbacks to enhance the overall business productivity and revenue.
Tour operator software enables you to perform various sales and marketing activities. You can use them to access the existing customers’ info and interests with ease. For marketing, they help businesses in identifying & targeting potential customers and generating leads. A CRM system allows for marketing automation to help companies in managing marketing initiatives across multiple channels, including websites, email, social media, etc.
Yes, a tour and travel software can be customized according to your business needs.
Tour operator software is specially designed to hold important information and data of the clients in bulk. All of that data is secured safely through encryption and the security procedure can be different for different softwares.