Travel Agents See High Productivity with Tutterfly CRM

Tutterfly is a SaaS-based CRM for travel industry designed to simplify travel business and regulate sales and customer relationship management processes. It is a travel CRM software equipped with multiple modules to help you manage customers, create itineraries, manage group tours, automate sales processes, manage leads & accounts, improve customer services, and gain insight into your business using a single dashboard.

Features of Tutterfly CRM


  • Account Management (B2B & B2C)
  • Contact Management
  • Lead and Opportunity Management
  • Roles & Hierarchy Management
  • Task & View Management
  • Call Logs
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, & Web Integration
  • Content Management


  • Profile Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Departure Management
  • Sales Automation
  • Report Builder
  • Customised Fields
  • Sales Objection Management
  • Customized Email Template and Mass Mailing
  • Dashboard Access
  • Multi-device Compatibility

Need of CRM Software for Travel Agency

The goal of a travel agency is to provide customers with an unmatched experience. While it may sound like an easy job but in reality, it isn’t. That’s why there has been an increasing demand for travel agency CRM software. It plays an important role in boosting revenue and providing a better experience to the customers. The main goal of travel CRM software is to increase the sales, and improve the customer loyalty. A CRM becomes useful when it is fully integrated operationally and strategically in the travel business. Once integrated, the CRM can help save time, increase team’s efficiency, build better customer relationships, enhance team collaboration, and boost overall business performance.

Benefits of Travel CRM Software


Sales Management:

CRM for travel agency helps streamline the sales cycle; making it easy to close deals in the sales pipeline and helping your team achieve your goals faster.


Better Customer Relationships:

It offers personalized automated communication that reduces the overall turnaround time and boosts the customer satisfaction rate.


Boost Conversions:

All the business information can be accessed through a single screen, making it easy to perform rapid sales.


Lead Management:

The software offers to automate the marketing process by simple integration with other platforms to collect data from the campaigns. It collects data to help qualify your leads and direct your effort in the right direction.


Increase Team Collaboration:

A travel CRM solution helps in improving inter-team communication between the teams and contributes to increased efficiency in performing day-to-day business operations.


Easy Itinerary Creation:

The software contributes to the effortless creation of personalized professional-looking itineraries within minutes.


Activity Tracking:

The CRM offers built-in analytics to contextualize the data and breaks it down into easy-to-understand metrics to allow you to judge the success of sales and marketing activities and optimize the approach accordingly.


Improve Revenue Growth:

CRM for the travel industry helps in boosting revenue by promoting a higher sales conversion rate. It gives you access to the details about crucial prospects that improve your ability to make higher sales.

Take Your Revenue Growth to the Next Level Using Tutterfly - The Leading CRM for Travel Industry

Lead Capturing Modules to Keep You on Track

Tutterfly is an ultimate lead capturing and management solution that works extremely fast in finding and segregating leads from various channels using integration processes. The software increases the overall efficiency of managing and collecting potential leads with high conversion rates.

Personalized Experience for High Customer Retention

The software helps you understand the needs of your customers and personalize their experiences. Without travel dedicated CRM, it can be increasingly hard to keep the interests, choices, and preferences of everyone in mind. The CRM works by piecing together their contact info and tracking their activity timeline that may include email engagement.

Rapid Customer Feedback and Query Resolution

Tutterfly CRM software for travel agencies helps in monitoring the customers’ feedback. It is crucial for any company to resolve the issues of their customers before they become too big to handle. This is where a CRM comes in. It works by increasing the transparency between the working of sales and the support team leading to effective communication. This gives the sales team an insight into the current or past queries of the customers, helping them come up with a better approach to reaching the clients next time. That, in turn, improves the customer service experience.

Comprehensive Sales Management and Automation

While delivering end-to-end sales processes, Tutterfly helps in the effective automation of the complete sales cycle. With a travel CRM system like this, you can manage the complete journey of a customer from lead to end-delivery. It offers travel agents the guidance to help them make the most effective actions to ensure optimum use of the sales pipeline and boost revenue. It provides data analytics of the company’s performance, assesses conversion rates, and evaluate lead integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tutterfly is exceptional travel CRM software that helps in automating sales and customer relationship management processes. It enables you to streamline the follow-up procedures, respond faster to customer queries, and improve sales.
Travel CRM Softwares use end-to-end encryption that makes it a reliable means of managing your business. It keeps your data secure and protects it from internal and external threats. For more details, you must visit their data security policy.
A travel CRM is a Customer Relationship Management Software that enables travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies to manage sales, leads, streamline follow-ups, manage roles & hierarchies, develop customer relationships, and boost revenue.
Travel CRM solution system is a complete end-to-end software solution that helps the travel agents, tour operators, or other users in managing booking, pricing, sales, tracking, query response, and customer relationship management & retention.
Tutterfly is among the best CRM software for travel agents, tour operators, OTAs, and other travel businesses. It provides 360-degree solutions to all your business-related needs from sales automation to sales & leads management, customer relationship management, itinerary creation, mass mailing, revenue growth, and more.

Here are some of the common features of a Travel CRM:

  • Sales Automation
  • Leads and Opportunities Management
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Payment Follow-ups
  • Email Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Improve Customer Retention

To implement a CRM, here’s what you need to do -

  • Start with identifying the need to have a CRM for your business
  • Define your end goals
  • Gather all the documents required
  • Figure out what are your weak points
  • Ensure a good business practice before implementing a CRM
  • Draft a plan for configuration
  • Prepare for a smooth data transfer
  • Ensure that everyone in your company is on the same page
  • Test the CRM before going live with it
The purpose of an automated travel system is to enable the process of invoice generation and virtual processing without any intervention of humans. It automates the sales cycle and captures solid leads from marketing campaigns integrated within the system, helping with opportunity handling.

Mentioned below are some of the main features of travel agency CRM software -

  • Lead management
  • Email management
  • Account management
  • Opportunity management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Sales automation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer retention
  • Itinerary creation and management

Here are the things to consider while looking for the best travel agency CRM software:


The CRM of your choice should be able to gather all the necessary information and data that is important for your business growth. This data collection process helps in communicating with the current customers and also target the potential customers better. Also, the collected information should be easily accessible to your team. The purpose of good travel CRM software is to simplify your job while increasing the efficiency of your business processes.


The CRM should be easy to access for the employees. They should be able to access it anytime and anywhere. To ensure this, you must get software that is available online in any browser. Also, you should be able to access the CRM through your smartphone. This can be ensured when the CRM is equipped with a mobile solution, making it much easier for everyone in your company.


The software should be able to monitor the conversations and store data. The CRM should be able to monitor all the important interactions and offers support for everyday tasks. That can make it easy for the employees to focus on fulfilling the needs of the clients and improve overall customer satisfaction, leading to an increase in quality of communication and customer retention.

Following are the benefits of using travel CRM software:

  • Better customer interactions
  • Smooth flow of information
  • Easy to assign roles & hierarchy
  • Improved customer services and satisfaction
  • Sales automation and lead management support
  • Cloud support
  • Opportunity handling
  • Reports and analytics
A travel CRM system has proven to be one of the most important sales tools for a travel agency. The travel industry is among the fastest-growing and highest revenue-generating industries in the world right now. The number of people travelling increases every year. This calls for a solution that helps travel agencies in overcoming the challenges they may face while fulfilling the expectations of their customers and improving their overall satisfaction. The industry needs a Travel CRM system to provide better and more personalized services to fulfil the expectations of its customers.
Online travel CRM software helps to streamline the sales cycle, making it easy to close deals and help achieve sales targets faster. It is equipped with some of the essential features, such as account management, opportunity management, client contacts handling, multi-user protocol, administrative oversight, data encryption, market analytics, etc.