What’s a Web Form?

A web form is a form or a set of data fields on a web page that lets visitors enter their details. Visitors or prospects can fill in their information and add any details that the business needs in the web form. This information is sent automatically in your CRM, thus simplifying the lead generation process.

Capture Fresh Leads with Impressive Web Forms

Capture the details of valuable visitors on your website with ease. Use web forms with fully customizable fields to gather the required information you need to accelerate conversions and boost overall business growth.

Collect Required Details with Customized Web Forms

Web Forms offer you many customizable fields that can be used to collect any type of details that you need. It’s a perfect solution when you want to generate high quality leads and personalize the experience of your customers.

Capture Leads Directly into Your CRM

Streamline your lead generation process by capturing the website visitor information directly into your CRM using web forms.

Ensure Data Integrity

Web forms can automate the lead qualifying process. When integrated with CRM software, you can send an automatic email to verify the leads. This saves you time by automating the process of going through leads manually and also making sure they’re legit or fake.

No More Duplicacy

Prevent and manage duplicate record entries in your database with web forms. This tool automates the manual data entry process by adding the entries directly into the CRM.

Leverage Automation

Avoid manual data entries and design simple web forms that easily monitor visitors. They take over all the manual data entry tasks by automatically syncing the contact data into the CRM, saving time, and effort of the sales team.

How to Integrate Website Leads with Tutterfly CRM

Here’s a complete process to integrate website leads with Tutterfly CRM using WATInt Lead Management System


Go to the “Admin” panel

Click on the top right corner to reach the admin panel.


Locate Lead Capture API

Now locate the Lead Capture API option at the bottom of the side panel and click on it. Here you can capture lead from your website contact/enquiry/register form submission to TutterflyCRM lead module in one go through CURL.

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